2 - Git, Markdown, SQL


  • Introduction to Git
  • Introduction to Markdown
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Exercises for self-study


  • Git is the version control system these days: We learn what it is and how to use it
  • Plenty of simply examples for you to try
    • Starting from ‘git as a time machine’ allowing access to earlier versions of files
    • Branches from simple ‘will this work’ to separating alternate work
    • Next are merging, then remote operations, pull requests
    • We also get to GitHub, the most promiment and visible hosting site
    • GitHub enables social coding and collaboration
  • Markdown is a very powerful and popular “mark-up” language for text
    • We will learn about markup, separating content from style, and see examples
    • Key idea here: Markup is independent of rendered output
    • Excellent topic once again for self-study and experimentation
    • pandoc used as universal converter to/from
    • RMarkdown convenience wrapper around pandoc calls
      • e.g. to Javascript/HTML for (dynamic / web) presentations
      • e.g. to pdf for printable writeups, presentations, books, …
    • Embedding of code (simpler Literate Programming)
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) is maybe the most common data processing language
    • We will learn the basics of relational daya and schema
    • SQL commands: select; where; select distinct; select limit
    • SQL command join and its variants for combining table
    • SQL command group by for grouped operations

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